The Barns Café MicroExhibition space

The Barns Café MicroExhibition space acts as a platform for local creative practitioners of all ages and encourages the exploration of creativity in a safe, non-judgemental and unique environment, with a programme of changing temporary exhibitions.

When Nobody’s Looking…
The Fantastical World of the Stamp People

MicroExhibition Space welcomes Naomi Lake

Naomi Lake is a practising artist and is on the MicroExhibition Space team. She is particularly fascinated with the imagination and in how it changes from childhood to adulthood. During her Fine Art degree, Naomi explored how people perceive the world—both real and imaginary—and became preoccupied with making objects that blurred the lines between reality and fiction. Her artwork is designed to suspend disbelief; to take us into the deeper crevices of our imagination that we normally only access as children.

“It fascinates me that adults tend to be less open to believing in the extraordinary, but without question believe the seemingly ordinary. I want to find out what makes the extraordinary less real than the ordinary. Why does this have to be the case? Is it possible to make art that taps into the childlike imagination we so readily lose as adults?”

Previously largely three-dimensional, over the last five years Naomi’s work has more often been in two dimensions. This has allowed Naomi to explore her questions in new ways, but a common theme is that the artwork springs from her own imagination. She often finds herself creating a rich imaginary narrative that goes unseen: the artwork itself represents a glimpse of this wider narrative that Naomi hopes will lead the viewer into developing their own narrative and tapping into their own imaginary world.

In the current exhibition—a work in progress—Naomi has been experimenting with vintage world stamps to create fun, often silly portraits: stamp heads breaking free from their stamp worlds, dressed in elaborate masks, defying gravity by balancing spectacularly arranged objects, or with unexpected hobbies (like surfing).

Instagram: @nlakeart