MicroExhibition Space

Ben Robinson

MicroExhibition Space is very pleased to exhibit the work of local photographer Ben Robinson. Ben likes to experience the simple, everyday moments and seeks to capture that creativity and spontaneity in his images.

To be displaced means to be out of place. There is a place to which you belong; where there are roots and where people and culture are familiar. For many in eastern Ukraine, the war since 2014 with Russian forces has brought these questions into sharp focus and forged a renewed sense of national identity.

According to the UN, the displacement of more than two million people in Ukraine (IDPs) since 2014 has created the 9th largest displaced group in the world.

The fighting continues daily, and the recent surge in attacks during May 2018 have been some of the worst for many months. Many IDPs suffer problems in accessing basic services such as health care, education and finding suitable work.

These images, taken between 2014-2017 along the contact line in eastern Ukraine, reflect the journey of some who have lost all and are seeking a way back home.